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Jan 29, 2019 | Read time 1 min

Argo, learn all about the Kubernetes workflow engine

On Thursday 24 January, Speechmatics hosted its 5th Go (Golang) Meetup in Cambridge. The event is a great opportunity to spread the word about Go and help to improve the programming skills and knowledge in the local area. The agenda for the evening included networking, a guest presentation, discussions, a raffle draw for a JetBrains licence for a year, and of course ample food and drink.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Bryn Mathias, a DevOps Engineer at FiveAI, a Cambridge-based company that makes driverless cars.

Bryn presented on Argo which is a Kubernetes workflow engine and discussed how it is used at FiveAI to train their AI models. In his presentation, Bryn included some examples of the data workflows used at FiveAI and ran through Argo in GitHub to show useful documentation and resources to get us started.

Speaking about the event, Bryn said:

“I enjoyed talking at the Speechmatics Go Meetup last week. It was great to be able to answer some technical questions on the tooling we’ve been using at FiveAI and to see how this could help friends/peers at other places. “The Meetups are a good place to talk to people in the same industry and share knowledge and experience.”

It was a really great event and I’d like to say a special thanks to Bryn for his great presentation at the Meetup. I’d also like to thank our event sponsors, including JetBrains for the raffle prize, GoBridge who sponsor the Meetup fees and Utility Warehouse who sponsored the pizza for this event. You can watch the presentation below. The Cambridge Go Meetup is a fantastic opportunity for the local community to collaborate with industry experts and to learn more about Go. If you’re at all interested in Go, why not join the Cambridge Gophers community on Meetup? The next Meetup will be in February where some of the Speechmatics team will presenting. The topic is yet to be confirmed but all will be revealed in the Meetup group. Interested in Go or want to speak at one of our future Meetups? Get in touch! Michel Hollands, Speechmatics

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