Speechmatics Auto-Auto responds to market demands for new languages. Speechmatics’ recent release of the Auto-Auto framework continues to create exciting new capability for the Speechmatics platform, delivering German to our line-up of new languages.

Neil MacDonald, Chief Revenue Officer, commented

“German represents the latest in a continuous and accelerating delivery roadmap of language capability. This has only been made possible through our unique Machine Learning training platform that delivers new languages, revisions and specific use-case variants, using minimal data in as little as 10 days.”

Auto-Auto is a truly unique technology, comprising tools and methods developed over 30-years of ground-breaking research led by Dr Tony Robinson, allowing rapid creation of languages used within the market leading Speech Recognition platform

Responding to popular demand

In laying out our future roadmap plans, we are now allowing our customers and partners to help us decide which languages to develop next. Users can now visit our website and vote-up their desired languages by clicking from this link.