The Best Speech-to-Text Software: Speechmatics Vs. Deepgram

Discover why Speechmatics' speech recognition is the best product on the market

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Why Speechmatics is better than Deepgram

Switching to Speechmatics is Easy

Language & Coverage

Speechmatics offers more world languages (50 vs. 16) as well as accent and dialect coverage for global languages, including Global English and Global Spanish.

Accuracy & Speed

Speechmatics offers better accuracy using self-supervised learning to train against real-world data, without needing to train specifically against customer data to provide high levels of accuracy.

Product Features

Speechmatics has a wider range of core features that come as standard, with options to customize further, rather than needing to be activated and configured manually.

"Speechmatics’ products achieve these objectives better than any system we’ve tested – and we’ve tested all of the major ASR engines."

Roger Zimmerman

Chief of R&D, 3Play Media

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