Manage your digital assets

With a monumental rise of digital media that is created from new and existing channels, it’s no surprise that organizations are seeking out new tools and solutions to manage existing, archived assets as well as new ones that are continually produced.

Businesses are using Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine to
help them with:

  • Content unification
  • Archive media assets
  • Efficient editing
  • Enrich metadata
  • Speed-up production

Mock up of Smart Guide for discovering 5 benefits of using voice technology to improve and amplify your digital and media asset management workflows.

Example Integrations

  • Sports broadcasting
  • Content creation
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Asset management

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It’s easy to integrate

Audio and video production requires efficient tools and streamlined workflows. As well as providing high-quality speech-to-text transcription, it’s important that automatic speech recognition is easy to integrate and operate.

Extensively tested APIs means Speechmatics enables the integration of ASR into any existing architecture adding value and new capability with minimal complexities, while reducing customer time to market.

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Mock up of Smart Guide for discovering 5 benefits of using voice technology to improve and amplify your digital and media asset management workflows.

Speed up your production process

For media asset management (MAM), speed and accuracy go hand in hand. Content creators in markets such as sports broadcast need to be able to download, search, edit and curate their content for analysis, promotion or publicizing on social media or other online formats immediately after an event has happened.

As the volume of broadcast content increases, so too does the demand for curated content. Accuracy of speech-to-text transcription is essential for quick search and captioning of online video content – often involving highlight edits, clips or full programs online.

Using any-context speech recognition technology to automate the process of turning audio or video into a text-based format significantly speeds up the production workflow for the content curation team. Automating a laborious task such as sifting through hours’ worth of broadcast content for online highlights means editors and producers can focus on the creativity and quality of their content rather than manually searching for the specific clips they need.

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Dalet solutions and services enable media organizations to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximizing the value of assets.

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Speechmatics’ technology enables Veritone customers with strict security requirements to turn unstructured voice data into actionable insights which were previously inaccessible.

Achieve unification of your media assets

In an increasingly digital world, organizations are dealing with a wealth of media assets for use in advertising, marketing, PR, live broadcast and raw content capture. These media assets are often stored in several places, making them very difficult to access slowing down production workflows.

Media asset management platforms aggregate media assets and make them available to anyone that might need access to it. This content unification is critical so that assets can be found quickly and easily and can be used for an intended purpose by many users.

Voice technology automatically turns voice data within any video or audio file into text and makes searching for files and specific elements within them a quick and easy task. Ensuring all assets can be searched for in one depository using text-based search means no asset will be missed in the search process.

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Automatically create enriched metadata – Tedial Media

Historically, asset management has focused on images and other static media. While these elements remain popular, video has taken the mantle regarding its creation, management and value to organizations.

Asset Managers have now been forced to look at the tools and processes that allow them to manage all assets effectively. Many organizations have neglected video and audio file asset management due to legacy tools and processes in place. This has led to huge archives of files that lack metadata to add any sort of value.

Organizations are now looking to automation technologies such as speech recognition technology to enrich their production workflows and to optimize the value of video assets to both themselves and their customers. With the introduction of speech technology, organizations can develop content archives and files enriched with more useful metadata.

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Tedial Media partners with Speechmatics to provide fully integrated MAM with automatic speech recognition technology.

Archive your media assets effectively

Organizations want the ability to better understand their legacy media asset archives and to treat them much like their contemporary archives which are rich with metadata and value.

Often, decades’ worth of video and audio media assets are inaccessible and unusable due to the limited metadata available to search and locate any one asset.

By introducing voice technology, organizations can transcribe legacy archives into text, enriching archived files. Old, legacy media assets can be monetized, especially for media and broadcast organizations. The files themselves can be brought in line with contemporary files and can be used quickly and easily. By exposing the value from within the files, organizations can bring old content to life and repurpose ideas, but this is only possible by improving the usefulness of files using a transcript and enriched metadata.

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Creating accurate subtitles for your media content to improve accessibility

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Improved efficiency for faster editing

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Media Monitoring

Listen to the media in real-time to monitor mentions and keywords

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