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With the ever-changing economic landscape and development of digital communication in recent years, there has been a huge influx of voice data. Businesses face the challenge of discovering and reviewing voice data efficiently and accurately. eDiscovery is a crucial process in any organization’s corporate governance strategy. Voice technology is a crucial tool to ensure voice data is transcribed into text for it to be reviewed and analyzed in an investigation or audit.

Businesses are using Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine to help them with:

  • eDiscovery
  • Investigations
  • Security Management
  • Compliance

Example Integrations

  • Speed-up investigations
  • Documentation review process
  • Accuracy of evidence
  • Events and incidents reconstruction

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Obtain a 360-degree view of events and incidents

The inability to review all data as part of an investigation – no matter its original format, whether it is documents, emails, voicemail or web conference content – presents a significant risk for organizations during an investigation. With the advancements in technology, it is no longer an excuse to not provide a full 360-degree view of an event or incident.

Speech-to-text technology enables organizations to unify all the data required for the investigation into one format. With the majority of data being text-based already, most organizations already have access to sophisticated tools to analyze that data. However, by ensuring all voice data is transcribed into a text, organizations can quickly gain a 360-degree view of an event or incident without missing any valuable data in the process.

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Soho² has partnered with Speechmatics to help compliance and legal industries balance risk by analyzing voice data garnered from calls.


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Nuix partnered with Speechmatics to bring accurate any-context speech recognition to enterprise eDiscovery teams

Speed-up data culling

Speed is key to eDiscovery. Obtaining the right information quickly can make the difference in a legal battle and helps businesses achieve good corporate governance. Being prepared with all the information is powerful and so the ability to cull data quickly and extract the most important data is crucial.

Reducing data to pertinent volumes that are valuable to investigators is a difficult task. Technologies such as automatic speech recognition (ASR) make intelligent culling possible, reducing the time-consuming task of sifting through massive volumes of audio data. Transcribing voice data not only captures relevant keywords for an investigation, but it also provides context of the conversation to better understand the incident and enable better sorting and indexing of evidence. Having every shred of data possible provides huge value to organizations in an investigation and can mean the difference between acquittal and punishment.

Mock up of smart guide uncovering 5 ways using voice technology for eDiscovery can support your corporate governance

Improve chain of custody

Organizations are already adopting technology such as ASR to help legal practices and enterprises unlock the content in their audio, video and text files. By adding voice technology as a tool to their processes, businesses are improving their chain of custody through the traceability and transparency of evidence. Ensuring all audio and video files are transcribed into text adds a level of security to the evidence and stops data from being lost or tampered with in an investigation.

Maintaining a chain of custody is essential for any investigation. Therefore, the accuracy and traceability of the evidence presented are crucial in any case. Voice technology provides the ability to accurately transcribe voice data at scale to ensure the chain of custody is complete and legitimate.

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Ensure cost efficiency

While speed is the most important factor when it comes to eDiscovery, the cost is also a significant consideration in an investigation. The faster a business under investigation can provide their evidence, the smaller the associated fines.

Document review is considered the biggest and most expensive activity carried out by eDiscovery practices. Organizations are using automated processes such as speech recognition technology to capture and review documentation quickly and at a low cost. Automation provides speed and cost efficiencies for data collection before it goes to review. By automatically transcribing audio and video files into text, businesses are significantly reducing the time and cost of sifting through hundreds of thousands of hours of voice data.

Mock up of smart guide uncovering 5 ways using voice technology for eDiscovery can support your corporate governance

Manage data security

For the legal services market and use cases involving compliance and eDiscovery, data privacy is paramount. Information transiting businesses is often confidential and so capturing and storing this data securely is a priority for organizations. Legal counsels and IT/litigation support departments are required to draw up clear terms defining who owns the data in question and impose strict conditions on who can access it. While this maintains data security it causes barriers when it comes to investigation.

The use of flexible and adaptable automatic speech recognition technology means that organizations can automatically capture, store and locate information. Voice technology gives organizations of all sizes the flexibility to deploy on-premises or within specially regulated and accredited private cloud environments. Utilizing on-premises ASR technology for transcribing audio and video files ensures all the data is kept securely within the organization’s own environment and is not reaching any third-party businesses.

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