Keeping your customers’ data secure

Adhering to current and new industry regulations is essential, which is why companies are adopting automatic speech recognition to ensure the data security of all recordings.

Yield valuable business insight by using accurate transcriptions of audio conversations.

Make voice data easily searchable using automatic speech recognition technology for auditing and compliance purposes.

  • Organisations throughout the world are faced with a range of new and complex incoming regulations if they manage customer data, increasing the burden to understand and manage their voice data, with significant penalties for non-compliance. Adopting Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition technology provides a well-established compliance solution, delivering a complete, searchable archive of voice call translations and transcriptions.
  • Enabling organisations to convert call recordings into accurate transcripts in noisy environments and across all file formats.
  • Companies are facing increased pressures from compliance regulation and must ensure the data security of all recordings. Speechmatics’ speech recognition capabilities enable organisations to easily locate and replay stored recordings for a range of applications including dispute resolution, compliance, quality management and event reconstruction.

Example Integrations

  • Conduct risk analytics
  • Call recording
  • Compliance

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Call Recording

New and existing compliance regulation means that organisations must ensure the data security of call recordings and so companies are adopting automated systems to provide audio recordings of customer calls. By using Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition and providing accurate transcriptions of audio conversations, the data becomes easily searchable for auditing and compliance purposes and to yield valuable business insight.

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Red Box is partnering with Speechmatics to revolutionise spoken voice analysis for compliance and training.


With increasing pressures from compliance regulation to ensure the data security of all your recordings, now is a good a time as any to ensure that your house is in order, so to speak. By using Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition capabilities, you can easily locate and replay stored recordings, ranked by relevance and displayed as text summaries with search words highlighted automatically.

Using Automatic speech recognition, companies can automatically evaluate and then categorise every customer interaction into groups that are relevant to specific compliance regulations. A real-time speech recognition solution could also be used to help with compliance during the call by ensuing the correct things are being said based on guidance and alerting to prevent non-compliant behaviour.


Deloitte developed a voice analytics platform, True Voice, to deal with growing regulatory pressures facing their clients.


Initial factchecking still requires manual human intervention to source statistics and primary research to assess the validity of claims. However, Full Fact were looking for a way to automate part of the process and to deliver a real-time factchecking tool to journalists and analysts to check claims as soon as they are made. By partnering with Speechmatics, Full Fact are able to transcribe what is said in real-time, analyse the text and – where they’ve already checked that claim – deliver the factcheck almost instantaneously. 

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Full Fact has partnered with Speechmatics to incorporate ASR for faster factchecking.

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