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Media Broadcast

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The global media broadcast market is adopting automatic speech recognition technology for live and archived content. Create keyword triggers for media monitoring, valuable transcriptions for media asset management, or live and closed subtitling.

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Contact Centres

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Generating insights from contact centre calls is becoming more important. Convert call recordings into text to generate searchable content which can be used for training, dispute resolution, compliance, quality management and event reconstruction.

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Legislation has created increasing need to keep data secure. Creating transcriptions of call recordings helps you dive deeper into your analysis, providing searchable content for auditing, compliance and to yield valuable business insights.

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Whether you are transcribing an interview, a lecture, conference or corporate video, Speechmatics’ speech recognition technology has you covered. Upload your audio file and receive an accurate transcript back in minutes.

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Your spoken data wants to be heard

Using automatic speech recognition to unlock the value in your voice data is becoming adopted more and more. Speech-to-text is just the beginning – integrating it into your workflows and systems leads to accurate indexing, analysis, keyword detection, and better overall management of your voice data. Don’t fall behind the competition, a speech-enabled future is in sight.

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Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition technology powers numerous applications across many industries. Using Speechmatics’ expertise in machine learning and applying it to speech and language, our customers and partners are realising the benefits of a speech-enabled business and are leading the way in their industries. Find out more about a partnership with Speechmatics.

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