26 June 2024

Gain insight from every past customer call

Helping organizations understand what’s really happening across all interactions, analyzing data ranging from call and live chat interactions.
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Liquid Voice
Chris BurdenCEO

What is the feature and what does it do? 

Liquid Voice help organizations understand what’s really happening across any number of interactions - capturing not only the words spoken, but the key data associated with every conversation.

This key data, ranges from call and live chat interactions, all the way through to control room processed body-worn camera footage and geographical data. It provides the ability to immediately identify anomalies, risks, or staff knowledge gaps.  

At the core of Liquid Voice' solutions is a set of smart analytical capabilities that enable our customers to inspect, understand and analyze every interaction they are having.  

What pain does it solve?

One of our key strengths is being able to consolidate legacy recordings into a unified repository, along with on-going current recordings, redacting sensitive data and maintaining compliance.

Introducing AILSA - the new AI-powered interaction analytics assistant.

AILSA, empowers agents and enhances CX through intelligent interaction analytics, for example, call summaries, sentiment and stress level.

Across organizations, you are likely to have multiple repositories where customer interactions are being retained either as part of regulatory requirements or your own best practice. These legacy repositories will contain call recordings, copies of text-based interactions such as SMS, chat and email, and even video.

The challenge is that this data is likely to sit on platforms that you no longer want to support, in formats that are not necessarily secure, and potentially is not compliant with recent changes in regulations like GDPR and PCI.

What are the benefits? 

  • Improved accuracy over humans.

  • Improved efficiencies for agents and management to enable better collaboration

  • Automatic summary, stress rating and sentiment saves 25% of operators time.

  • Immediate post interaction insight – agents can ask AILSA a bespoke question about an event.

  • Improved quality of the caller experience.

  • Quicker cross team interaction analysis and communication.   

What speech technology does it utilize? 

We use Speechmatics to transcribe calls; all the rest is our software IPR (calling an AI service to process the questions.

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