23 March, 2023

UCL Speech Science Forum

Speech interaction with digital technologies is becoming more a part of everyday life, and as we increase our use of voice commands, accessibility and fairness across the world’s languages becomes ever more important.
23 March, 2023
16:00 - 17:00 GMT
Benedetta CevoliSenior Data Scientist
Bethan ThomasSenior Machine Learning Engineer

Join Speechmatics Data Science Engineer Benedetta Cevoli and Machine Learning Engineer Bethan Thomas as they lead the discussion on the Improved Language Coverage through Self-Supervised Learning in Automatic Speech Recognition at UCL Speech Science Forum on March 23.

UCL Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences - SHaPS - is internationally recognized for the excellence of its research into the perception and production of speech, hearing for speech and applied research in speech signal processing.  

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