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LinkedIn Live on Wednesday, 16 November - 15:00 GMT

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The world of online video distribution is constantly evolving. With the global online video market set to grow at an impressive 17.5% CAGR over the period 2021 to 2028, now is the perfect time for platforms to improve their offering.     The increase of tighter rules and regulation around accessibility is driving necessary change. Fines for non-compliance due to lack of captioning (or poor-performing captions) can be crippling for commercial businesses who need a reliable and consistent output. With viewers spending an average of 12% longer watching muted videos if captions are present, it's clear how important it is to get this right.      On top of this, the continued growth of education and instructional content means accurate transcription and captioning of video content has never been a higher priority. Sticking with the status quo and your current software risks losing out in the race to provide the best content you can.       Join the Speechmatics team and guest Ellie Good, Udemy Principal Product Manager to see how we have provided the tools educational platforms need to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.


LinkedIn Live

Date and time

Wednesday, 16 November - 15:00

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  • Topic: Giving Educational Content Providers the Best Speech-to-Text Tools

  • When: Wednesday 16th November at 3pm GMT | 7am PST | 9am CST | 10am EST

  • Who: Our host, Ricardo Herreros-Symons & star guest, Ellie Good, Udemy Principal Product Manager

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