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LinkedIn Live on Thursday, 3 November - 16:30 GMT

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The ubiquity of video – from traditional broadcast media to online content – has sent the need for quality captioning skyrocketing in the past few years. With manual transcription costing between $5 and $10 dollars a minute, and rules and regulations meaning non-compliance is an expensive problem to have, automated AI-based solutions are the only viable future. The potential for the right ASR to reduce costs, reduce time to caption and improve viewer experience has never been greater.    Are you confident your current speech recognition strategy has the capability to comply with access laws, and grow at the speed you need to thrive in the evolving landscape of Media and Event Captioning Services?    Speechmatics exists to understand every voice. Offering its speech-to-text API engine for solution and service providers to integrate into their stack irrespective of their industry or use case. Businesses use Speechmatics around the world to accurately understand and transcribe human-level speech into text regardless of demographic, age, gender, accent, dialect or location.

At Speechmatics, we believe accuracy is the way to produce quality and efficiency in captioning. Join us for a live Q&A with Tom Wootton, Head of Product, Broadcast Services at Red Bee Media, experts in managed media services as we understand how broadcast media providers are evolving their strategies towards automation. 


LinkedIn Live

Date and time

Thursday, 3 November - 16:30

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  • Topic: How to Differentiate Your Media and Event Captioning Service

  • When: Thursday 3rd November at 16:30 GMT

  • Who: Our host, Ricardo Herreros-Symons & star guest, Tom Wootton, Head of Product, Broadcast Services at Red Bee Media

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