LinkedIn Live with Prosodica: Enhancing Contact Center Experiences

Join us as we discuss stepping into a new era of speech AI for contact centers. Using AI-driven technology, you can uncover emotions and intentions behind every spoken word, making call interactions more human and empathetic.

LinkedIn Live

Ricardo Herreros-Symons

VP Corporate Development & Partnerships

Mariano Tan

President & CEO, Prosodica

  • Topic: Enhancing your Contact Center Experiences with AI-driven Conversational Analytics

  • When: TBC

  • Who: Our host, Ricardo Herreros-Symons & star guests from Prosodica, Mariano Tan, President & CEO and Drew Jacobs, Data Science Team Lead.

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Prosodica has crafted a game-changing interaction analytics software that delves deeper into the heart of conversations. By analyzing speech rhythm and intonation, their AI-driven technology uncovers emotions and intentions behind every spoken word, making call interactions more human and empathetic.  

But the impact doesn't end there.

Join us in this LinkedIn Live to discover how Prosodica helps to achieve sustainable, efficient, and human-centered call center operations.  

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