Open Day
1 August

Kaltura Connect Education Track

Join us for an exciting and informative day as we proudly present Speechmatics speaker, David Oldham, in an exclusive partner spotlight session at Kaltura Connect EDU!
1 August
10:00 EST
Boston University
David OldhamHead of Sales, USA

This not-to-be-missed event aims to bring together the brightest minds in the realm of higher-ed tech, converging on a campus near you to showcase the immense potential of video implementation in all aspects of higher education. 

Prepare to be inspired as we explore how leveraging video can significantly enhance engagement, retention, awareness, and revenue for your esteemed institution. 

I (David Oldham) will be at Boston College, Boston, MA on Tuesday, 8/1 sharing invaluable insights and expertise on how Speechmatics can revolutionize your educational experience.

Whether you're an administrator, educator, or technologist in the higher education domain, this session promises to be an enriching opportunity to discover innovative ways to leverage video technologies for your institution's growth.

Don't miss out on this chance to connect with us at the event and book a meeting with me (David!) here.

This is an exceptional opportunity to connect, learn, and shape the future of higher education with video! Register now to secure your spot and experience firsthand the transformative power of cutting-edge technologies in academia.

Be sure to sign up today and reserve your place at Kaltura Connect EDU's exclusive event at Boston College.