29 - 30 November

Call and Contact Centre Expo

Speechmatics will be attending the 2023 Call and Contact Centre Expo on 29- 30 November in London. Catch the latest technologies available to contact centre professionals looking to excel in customer engagement.
29 - 30 November
09:30 GMT
Blair RobertsonAccount Executive

Don't miss the Speechmatics team at the Call and Contact Centre Expo, who will be showcasing the latest in Speech Intelligence that will shape the future of call and contact centres.

Let's discuss how you can: 

  • Use sentiment analysis and transcripts of your best agent's calls as training materials for the rest of your team.

  • Use real-time voice recognition to bring up battle cards against key competitors in real time, or alert senior operators who can join the call to save potential churned customers. 

We believe good customer experiences are the foundation of a successful business and at Speechmatics, we understand the value of meaningful interactions.

Discover the latest trends shaping the future of call and contact centres with expert seminars, panel debates and live demos.

We recently discussed this very topic and you can catch part of the conversation here.

To find out more how Speechmatics can support CCaaS companies then be sure to book in a meeting with us at the Call and Contact Centre Expo 2023.