Voice Summit 2022

Trade Show on Monday, 10 October - 08:00 GMT

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Speechmatics are Bronze sponsors of Voice Summit 2022 in Arlington, Virginia in October 2022.

Book a meeting with the team at booth 146 where we will be demonstrating our technology live. You can discover for yourself the most powerful, inclusive, and accurate speech recognition ever released. Learn how Speechmatics is enabling businesses to gain better value and insights from their audio data.

John Hughes will give a keynote on Tuesday 11th October at 3:35pm.

Delving into speech-to-text meaning – where do we go beyond WER.

Word Error Rate (WER) is the primary quality metric for all speech providers. Engineers use it to make almost every research decision and customers use it to evaluate vendors. But it has many flaws.

Who cares about an extra um, a missing hyphen, or an alternative spelling. Or how about a difference in written numerical formatting (1,000 vs 1000 or eleven vs 11)? These all increase WER but do not affect meaning in the slightest.

How about omitting the word ‘suspected’ before murderer? Or predicting a wrong word that changes the sentiment? An ideal metric would take these minor and serious errors into account and score a system appropriately.

If you’re interested to find out how we at Speechmatics are thinking of solving this problem, then come along to the talk!


Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington Virginia 2202

Date and time

Monday, 10 October - 08:00

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About the Event

The Market for Conversational AI Is Accelerating

In 2021, global demand for Conversational AI reached an all-time high due to the rising need for customer support services.

Verticals in Media and Entertainment, Healthcare and life sciences, Travel and hospitality, present lucrative opportunities as companies pursue digital transformation initiatives to meet customer expectations.

Join us at VOICE22 to meet with the world’s top technologists, marketers, designers, and product leaders at the forefront of the customer experience transformation. VOICE22 welcomes attendees from around the world as we reconnect, restore, and reinvigorate plans for growth in 2023.

We can't wait to see you at booth 146.

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