Our mission is to build the best speech technology for any application in any language and put speech back at the heart of communication.

We believe our technology speaks for itself. We are committed to being easy to work with and easy to integrate. We have already transcribed millions of hours of audio and have helped our customers across a diverse range of use cases and applications. We love solving difficult problems because we understand that every use case is different. If our solutions do not quite fit, please get in touch.

We believe we can truly simplify everyone's lives and drive the overall industry to adopt speech as the main of communication.


Tony Robinson (Founder & CTO)

Tony pioneered recurrent neural networks in speech recognition and has built and scaled multiple speech groups and companies. Tony’s passion is the development and application of machine learning to tasks that traditionally had been considered impossible for computers to solve.

Benedikt von Thüngen (CEO)

Benedikt has been involved in multiple start-ups and young companies experiencing both the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Benedikt is fascinated by the enormous scope that speech recognition has to transform industries and change our world forever.

Richard Gibson (Chairman)

Richard started in private equity before growing and leading SwiftKey as CFO from 12 to 150 ppl and the successful exit to Microsoft for $250m. Richard is excited to be working with another deep technology that is transforming the way humans interact with machines.

Paul Aykroyd (VP Engineering)

Paul has over 20 years experience as a technical leader and scaling engineering teams with companies such as Citrix and Velocix. Introducing a positive buzz to the entire team, he is extremely passionate about quality and continuous improvement.

Ian Firth (VP Products)

Ian lives and breathes products and was with Citrix for many years where he led the Cloud Services Group as principal product manager. Always putting customer requirements first, he is almost overwhelmed by the many speech products that can be built.


It all began with Tony Robinson (our CTO) pioneering recurrent neural networks in his PhD at the University of Cambridge in the late 80's. After showing that they can make a huge difference in speech recognition he assembled and scaled the Connectionist speech group at the University to build the first real time large vocabulary continuous speech recognition system. During this time Tony started SoftSound, which he successfully scaled and sold to Autonomy in 2000. At Autonomy Tony successfully scaled the speech team before leaving in 2006 to start Cantab Research (Speechmatics today). Based on 20 years of pioneering speech recognition and deep learning, the original aim of the company was to develop ground-breaking speech technologies. His pioneering work was recognised by SpinVox in 2007, who licensed technology and tasked Tony with building the speech team, which he scaled again before the successful acquisition of SpinVox by Nuance at the end of 2009.

Predicting the GPU and cloud-computing revolution, Tony built on his decades of experience of applying neural networks to the problem of speech recognition and started building full cloud-based speech recognition system. Tony added several highly experienced PhD’s to the team and together via a series of high profile TSB grants, they built one of the most accurate systems yet.

Benedikt joined in summer 2014 and helped launch and scale the company to now 24 people. This rapid growth has been funded entirely through cash flow, for which we were recently awarded the Deloitte Fast50 award.


Deloitte Fast50 winners 2016

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RedHerring 100

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