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Autonomous Speech Recognition by Speechmatics

Speechmatics’ innovation is leading the industry from Automatic Speech Recognition towards Autonomous Speech Recognition (ASR). Using the latest techniques in machine learning, including the introduction of self-supervised models, we take accuracy to the next level.

With this innovation, Speechmatics delivers the most powerful, inclusive, and accurate speech recognition ever released.

Try it now using our API. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Working knowledge of APIs
  • A video or audio file to transcribe
  • A command-line utility (such as CUrl) to make API calls
  • An API key (delivered after completion of form and verification of email)

Read more about Speechmatics’ Autonomous Speech Recognition:

ASR vision banner_650x433

Our Vision for Autonomous Speech Recognition

Find out how we’re leveraging a wide range of voices, using the scale and diversity of the internet, to help us deliver a step-change in speech recognition.

UnderstandingEveryVoice_white paper cover_650x433

Pioneering Greater Accuracy in Speech Recognition to Reduce AI Bias

Discover how we’re opening doors to all voices and making huge forward leaps in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Self-SupervisedLearning_white paper cover_650x433

Self-Supervised Learning: A Step Closer to Autonomous Speech Recognition

See the difference we’ve already made to our levels of accuracy thanks to our introduction of self-supervised learning.

We’ve taken accuracy to a new level compared with our competitors

What our customers say:

“The WER

(Word Error Rating) decreased significantly. Increased accuracy, means more happy customers, and higher margins.”

Happy Scribe

“Our second

set of evaluations, focusing on further content types, were every bit as impressive as the first. Improvements across the board!”

Red Bee Media


continues to prioritize the accuracy of their long-form, content independent ASR engine. This is an essential component in delivering the highest quality captions to our customers.”

3Play Media