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Based in Cambridge, UK, we’ve assembled strong teams of thinkers, tinkerers and creatives to solve human speech recognition. It’s a stimulating place to work and we’re making real progress. Join us on our mission.

Applied Machine Learning

“As part of the AML team at Speechmatics, our job is to create and build the best speech recognition system in the world.

We’re at the cutting-edge of machine learning and are growing all the time. It really is an exciting place to be.”

Tom Ash
Machine Learning Engineer


“The engineering team here at Speechmatics works collaboratively to address new challenges and build new tooling every day.

We are empowered to make our own decisions which makes it a very fun, yet challenging place to work. That’s the best thing.”

Brad Phipps
Systems and Infrastructure Engineer


“At Speechmatics, we’re focused on our partners and working with them to ensure our visions are aligned. The Marketing team is responsible for all internal and external communications across the many channels we operate.

We’re a tight-knit and friendly team who are eager to learn, challenge the status quo and get stuff done.”

Georgina Robertson
Senior Communications Manager


“The product team at Speechmatics is responsible for identifying market and product opportunities, and ensuring we’re delivering cutting-edge speech recognition to our partners.

I am passionate about building products that our customers will love to use and that have the functionality that allows us to compete against the biggest players in the market.”

Eric Henderson
Product Manager


“We’re not your typical sales people. We work in a co-operative way and are eager to hear how you can utilise our speech technology to provide value to your customers.

“We’re a passionate team who offer welcomed advice and support throughout your consumer journey.

“I’d love to chat sometime!”

Ricardo Herreros-Symons
Sales Director

Office and Facilities

“The office and facilities team take care of our employees to ensure the working atmosphere is exceptional.

The environment is never dull, there’s always a buzz in the office and we’re always excited about the tech we’re developing and of course welcoming new faces into the company!”

Charlotte Brown
Office Manager


“The support team look after any support queries that come in from our partners and consumers. We are the first line to our customers and ensure that their experience is always friendly and efficient.

I am passionate about providing quality service and building a support process that is valuable to our customers.”

Steve Fellowes
Support Manager

steve fellowes looking at computer


“Together, the leadership team here at Speechmatics have a wide range of industry and technical experience with a few businesses and markets under our belts. We’re a strong team helping to deliver on the promise of this amazing technology.”

Katy Wigdahl, CEO at Speechmatics

Katy Wigdahl

David Quantrell, Advisor at Speechmatics

David Quantrell

Tony Robinson, Founder of Speechmatics

Tony Robinson

Boaz Zehavi
Chief Technology Officer

David Keene, Chief Marketing Officer at Speechmatics

David Keene
Chief Marketing Officer

Will Williams, VP Machine Learning at Speechmatics

Will Williams
VP Machine Learning

Ricardo Herreros-Symons, VP Sales at Speechmatics

Ricardo Herreros-Symons
VP Sales

Work with us

We’re passionate about people, collaboration and communication, putting speech back into the heart of everything we do.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our ever-growing team.

It’s a place where you’re able to do great work and learn from people doing some of the best, most forward-thinking work in their careers.

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