The State of Voice in the Contact Center Industry

December, 2019

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Many organizations are now making a conscious decision to record all customer interactions. With advances in voice technology, companies are looking to utilize their voice data to fuel AI to improve customer experience and drive business and process improvements.

A Gartner report cites that AI deployment in organizations has grown from 4% in 2018 to 14% in 2019. With automatic speech recognition (ASR), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) making leaps and bounds in sophistication, organizations now have a significant business opportunity to take advantage of voice data at scale in both structured and unstructured formats – especially so in the contact center where voice is a salient data point as it can convey intent, sentiment, emotion, action, and context – information that is often difficult to discern in other forms of data.

In this webinar we are joined by Red Box, a leading dedicated voice specialist to explore:

  • How access to structured and unstructured voice data is helping to fuel AI
  • The importance of voice data and data sovereignty
  • Challenges that the contact center industry must overcome
  • The importance of high-quality audio recordings and high-quality speech technology
  • Drivers and business outcomes for adopting a voice-first strategy
  • Expectations on voice technology providers
  • How voice technology is uplifting sales and CX workflows and outcomes
  • How the evolution of voice is impacting business success

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Alex Fleming, Product Marketing Manager at Speechmatics
Hayley Skivington, Product Marketing Manager at Red Box

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