Case Study - Liquid Voice

Transforming customer experience with ASR technology

How Liquid Voice empower businesses to understand and enhance customer interactions.

The Company

Liquid Voice is a leading provider of interaction recording, quality management and analytics with a diverse range of contact center, enterprise and SME customers. This innovative company was one of the first to identify the large market for analytics and interaction management solutions using speech recognition technology.

The Challenge

For any company dealing with high volumes of customer interactions, cost has always been a crucial decision-making factor. Traditional automated systems have always been cheaper in the long run than manually operated systems, but they have often been extremely limited, as they are unable to accurately understand the tone and moods of customers. This significantly impairs the customer experience. In addition, while customer service agents offer a more personalized approach, they are frequently criticised for lacking the skill sets and authority required to solve most customer problems.

The Solution

Both small and large companies are now looking to improve the service they provide, while enhancing the customer experience by analyzing interactions. This is achieved by searching for keywords to identify what makes a good call from the customer’s perspective.

It was important to the company that any solution would provide high quality automatic speech-to-text transcriptions and integrate fully with the Liquid Voice platform to enable contact centers and control rooms to locate and replay stored recordings for a wide range of applications, including dispute resolution, compliance, quality management and event reconstruction. Having tested the technology available for automatic speech recognition (ASR) transcription, Liquid Voice highlighted Speechmatics as the best in terms of quality, price, accuracy and speed.

The Results

Liquid Voice has launched a ground-breaking complete solution, integrating Speechmatics ASR technology, to enable recordings to be searched for any word or phrase. This allows the results to be viewed in seconds, avoiding the limitations of traditional phonetic-based systems. Speechmatics technology enhances the Liquid Voice solution by making content easily discoverable. Search results are ranked by relevance and displayed as text summaries with search words automatically highlighted. This provides greater granularity and more detailed contextual insights into interactions across multiple channels.

“Partnering with Speechmatics is enabling us to extend our market leadership... and revolutionize the way that contact centers can use speech technologies to improve customer satisfaction at every touchpoint”

Chris BerryManaging Director of Liquid Voice
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