Innovation is at the heart of what we do

Our story began back in the 1980s, when our Founder Dr Tony Robinson, pioneered the approach of applying neural networks to speech recognition, demonstrating that neural networks greatly outperform traditional systems. Today’s computing power, along with the rise of graphics processing and cloud computing, now makes the huge potential of this approach a reality and we’re nearing the point where computers truly understand us.

At Speechmatics, we’re continually pushing the boundaries of automatic speech recognition (ASR) accuracy in many languages. Because of our advancement in accuracy and languages, our speech recognition technology continues to be adopted by some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world. Already, the practical applications for our technology is changing the way companies work. Hugely tedious and laborious tasks can be automated, and the value of both live and recorded media can be extracted.

We’re excited by what it helps you to do, and we’re only just getting started.

“Speechmatics exists to understand the spoken world through machine learning. It is our mission to partner with businesses around the globe that include accurate and innovative ASR in their solutions.”

Katy Wigdahl, CEO

Meet our teams

Based in Cambridge, UK, we’ve assembled strong teams of thinkers, tinkerers and creatives to solve human speech recognition. It’s a stimulating place to work and we’re making real progress. Join us on our mission.

Investing in our mission

Albion VC logo

The Albion technology team invests from seed through to Series B in high growth companies, predominantly in the UK, with a particular focus on B2B software and technology enabled services.

AlbionVC recognised that speech software is a large and rapidly growing market. Speechmatics, led by John, is poised to become a significant global software company. Speechmatics’ small footprint language models, capable of flexible deployment in the cloud, on-premises or on-device will become of strategic importance in the evolving market landscape.

IQ Capital provide investment into disruptive technology companies in the UK that are capable of dominating global markets.

IQ Capital invested into Speechmatics at the end of 2016, having recognised its disruptive technical approach to speech recognition, with the aim of supporting the rapid scale up of the company and to connect Speechmatics with global leaders.


Amadeus Capital Partners funds and supports young companies that share its passion for the transformative power of technology.

Amadeus was impressed by Speechmatics’ vision and recognised the global demand for its technology, which led to an investment in late 2016. This investment supports the business development of Speechmatics on an international scale and its continuing quest for the improvement of everyday user experiences with machines.

Awards and recognitions

The FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies (2020)
Listed number 730

Queen’s Award for Enterprise (2019)

Sunday Times Tech Track 100 “Ones to Watch” (2019)

The FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies (2019)
Listed number 435

SME National Business Awards (2018)
High Growth Business of the Year

UK Business Awards (2018)
Silver Prize for Innovation

UK Business Angels Association Awards (2018)
Scale-Up Team of the Year ‘Ones to Watch’

SME News (2018)
Most Outstanding for Speech Recognition Technologies

Cambridge News (2018)
Top 130 Most Influential Business

Business Weekly (2017)
Killer 50

Cambridge Independent (2017)
Best AI Scale-Up

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 (2016)
Fast 50

Red Herring 100 (2016)
Most-Promising Private Technology Ventures

Business Weekly (2016)
Killer 50

Wolves Summit (2015)
Best Pitching Company

Best Cambridge Wireless Start-Up (2014)
Discovering Start-Ups