John Milliken

John is an experienced executive with a proven track record in accelerating the growth of exciting, entrepreneurial businesses in both private and public spheres, including being a member of the founding team of a company that grew to a market capitalisation of over £1bn.

Richard Gibson

Richard started in private equity before becoming SwiftKey’s CFO, overseeing its growth from 12 to 150 employees and its successful sale to Microsoft. Richard is excited to be working with another deep technology that is transforming the way humans interact with machines.

Tony Robinson

Tony pioneered recurrent neural networks in speech recognition and has built and scaled multiple speech groups and companies. Tony’s passion is the development and application of machine learning to tasks that have traditionally been considered impossible for computers to solve.

Richard Swindells

Richard is a proficient CFO with experience at Board Level in sectors ranging from seed stage technology to natural resources. Richard has an aptitude for performance improvements, strategy, change management and transformation, and brings a wealth of financial know-how to the team.

Ian Firth
VP Products

Ian lives and breathes products. For many years he was with Citrix, where he led the Cloud Services Group as Principal Product Manager. He always puts customer requirements first, and is almost overwhelmed by the many possible speech products waiting to be built.

Paul Aykroyd
VP Engineering

Paul has over 20 years’ experience as a technical leader, and has built engineering teams with companies such as Citrix and Velocix. Bringing a positive buzz to the team, he is extremely passionate about quality and continuous improvement.

Kathryn Lye
VP Marketing

Kathryn is an experienced B2B marketing professional having worked primarily in the tech sector. Kathryn headed up Outbound Marketing at Cambridge-based Redgate and has a proven proactive and results-driven attitude, seeking continuous improvements to marketing performance.


Speech technology is a hot topic and is set to transform how we interact with machines. It is rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives ­– from voice commands to call centre analytics. For the technology to become truly universal it needs high accuracy, broad language coverage and simple integration, all of which are offered by our Speechmatics software.

We pioneered the approach of applying neural networks to speech recognition in the 1980s, and our founder, Dr Tony Robinson, demonstrated throughout the 1990s that neural networks greatly outperform traditional systems. However, the hardware at that time limited commercial application.

That all changed with the rise of graphics processing and cloud computing. Our team now has the tools to deliver the power of neural networks to commercial applications of speech recognition. Today we offer a wide range of applications from subtitling to call analytics, and from meeting transcription to consumer electronics.

Our technology and language coverage continues to be adopted by some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world. Join us on our journey towards changing the way we all interact with machines and each other ­– a speech-enabled future starts here today.


IQ Capital provide investment into disruptive UK technology companies that are capable of dominating global markets. IQ Capital invested into Speechmatics at the end of 2016, having recognised its disruptive technical approach to speech recognition, with the aim of supporting the rapid scale up of the company and to connect Speechmatics with global leaders. IQ Capital recognises the highly significant commercial opportunity created by Speechmatics’ technology, which has significantly greater accuracy than competitors, including Google, IBM and Microsoft, and has considerably better capability across a wide range of languages.

Amadeus Capital Partners funds and supports young companies that share its passion for the transformative power of technology. Amadeus was impressed by Speechmatics’ vision and recognised the global demand for its technology, which led to an investment in late 2016. This investment supports the business development of Speechmatics on an international scale, and its continuing quest for the improvement of everyday user experiences with machines.

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