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Voice Technology in a Compliance-Led World

Organizations throughout the world face new and existing complex regulations and top of the board agenda is Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). The importance of GRC means pressure is growing all the time to understand, manage and protect customers’ data and one of the most challenging sources is voice.

When it comes to complex regulations, organizations need to understand legislation and then apply their own governance policies to address them which includes people, process and technology.  As Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) for businesses is growing with no signs of slowing, businesses are under pressure to review their corporate governance and one of the most challenging forms of data is voice.

In this webinar, Tom Rimmer discusses voice technology in a compliance-led world. He covers:

  • The challenges businesses face with voice data
  • The challenges in industry when looking at new technologies for corporate governance
  • Why “RegTech” is the new “FinTech”

Tom is joined by lawyer and compliance industry expert, George Tziahanas for an exclusive Q&A session.

Tom Rimmer, Senior Sales, Speechmatics

About Tom

Tom Rimmer is a Senior Sales Executive with over 20 years of industry experience. Tom has a diverse background in compliance, eDiscovery and information governance. Tom has notoriously worked with large multinational banks on software-based solutions throughout his career.

About George

George Tziahanas is a Lawyer by trade and an experienced advisor with a rich history of working in the legal services industry. He is the Managing Partner of leading AI solution provider, Sohosquared which focuses on delivering AI solutions that are focused on information risk and advanced analytics for addressing complex legal and compliance challenges.

Smart Guide detailing how businesses are using voice technology for regulatory compliance to protect their business and customers