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The rise in machine learning and artificial intelligence has pushed the boundaries of voice technology adoption. From optimisation and simplified processes to searchability, discoverability and ensuring the accessibility of video and audio content. Voice technology is driving a step-change in the media and broadcast industry.

Speechmatics surveyed media and broadcasting professionals from a variety of job seniorities and functions within media monitoring, media asset management, editing, subtitling and captioning, to gather insights into the state of voice recognition in the media and broadcast market.

In this webinar, aired on 15 October 2019, we discussed:

  • Drivers and motivations to adopting a voice strategy
  • Key pain points and challenges to adoption
  • The benefits of voice technology for the media and broadcast market
  • Expectations on voice technology providers including relevant features, important aspects of voice and how they are measured

We explored how Speechmatics is addressing these issues and helping media companies to integrate speech technology to enhance the core of their media solutions. We dived into how we’re developing cutting-edge features to enhance the accuracy of our product and to mitigate the challenges of adopting the technology.

James Page, Product Owner, Speechmatics

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