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The Revolution is Coming:

The Medium-Term Future of Machine Learning

Machine learning has seen a huge increase in attention from industry in the last decade both positive and negative. As more businesses are looking to utilize machine learning, incumbents and new businesses alike are investing huge amounts of time and money into building out machine learning tooling solutions that others can use.

However, these solutions are constructed under a fixed paradigm of how machine learning operates. Recent progress in academia points to a potentially different path for the future of machine learning that is very different from that described by most “AI pundits”.

In this webinar, hosted on Wednesday, 29 April 2020, machine learning expert, Sam Ringer spoke about:

  • Recent algorithmic progress in ML and the implications this progress has on industry
  • A series of contrarian views on what ML will look like in the medium-term
  • A stark reality check on where it is at the moment
  • The predicted impact on voice technology innovation

Sam Ringer, Machine Learning Engineer, Speechmatics

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