How to Leverage Voice Technology for NPS and CSAT

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Growth is a key measure of success for many organizations. Whether it’s revenue, profit, share price, workforce, market share or geography – growth is on the minds of C-Level Executives across the world. Organizations invest a huge amount of time, money, effort and expertise into business growth.

Customer loyalty is born out of satisfaction with a product, service or brand. For this reason, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) are vital metrics for organizations to understand the loyalty of their customer relationships. However, driving engagement for traditional capturing of this data is a challenge.

In this webinar, Product Marketing Manager, Alex Fleming discussed how businesses are leveraging voice technology to improve and advance customer experience metrics. He covered:

  • The metrics for gathering customer insights for improved NPS and CSAT
  • The challenges around traditional metrics capture
  • How voice has the potential to ‘save the day’ for insight capture
  • What voice technology offers for improved NPS and CSAT compared to other tools
  • How voice technology can support business growth

Alex Fleming, Product Marketing Manager, Speechmatics

Mini guide detailing how contact centers can better understand customer experience metrics like NPS and CSAT using voice technology