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In this webinar, which took place on 23 January 2019, we explained some of the common misconceptions when using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology within the industry. Accuracy is an obvious measure for speech recognition and the use of word error rate (WER) is considered to be the way to measure accuracy but this can be misleading.

Ian Firth, VP Products at Speechmatics, gave an exclusive insight into how Speechmatics used to build languages versus how we build them now, using our unique machine learning framework. The webinar comprised of a live demonstration and a discussion split 50/50.

Ian spoke about how an ‘accurate’ speech recognition system can mean vastly different things from company to company and their different use cases. It was really great to demonstrate integrations that we have with our partners TranscribeMe and Red Box Recorders to show the broad application of speech recognition.

The speaker was:

Ian Firth, VP Products, Speechmatics

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