Speechmatics and Frontier helping to teach children coding skills in Cambridge

Frontier and Speechmatics help teach children coding at ChYpPS youth group

Partnership with ChYpPS As part of our ongoing partnership with ChYpPS youth group, last week, a group of volunteers from Speechmatics were joined by Frontier employees to provide a coding workshop for the local children in Cambridge. Having formed a partnership with ChYpPS last year, Speechmatics now attends Brown’s Field Community Centre on a monthly […]


Speechmatics helps improve coding skills of children in Cambridge

A team of Speechmatics volunteers set out to Cambridge-based ‘ChYpPS’ at Brown’s Field Youth and Community Centre in Arbury last Friday to help teach children in the local area some basic, practical coding skills. ChYpPS is part of a summer programme organised by Cambridge City Council and stands for Children and Young People’s Participation Service. The […]