Our solutions can power anything speech related

Simple yet powerful interfaces make it easy to integrate into almost any application.

Speech Recognition

Simply provide your audio or video content and receive a full transcript. We use an innovative deep learning approach to Speech recognition, and are committed to providing high accuracy and efficiency across multiple languages. Our speech recognition solutions can be operated from the cloud or within your own premises making it easy to integrate with other applications to provide complete solutions to your needs.


  • Delivered from the Cloud or from your own premises deployment
  • Interact via Web console or restful API
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Recognises speaker changes and punctuation
  • Provides word confidence scores and timings

Time Alignment

Our time alignment service automatically synchronises text with the provided audio or video. Provide your own transcript and media file to receive a timestamped document. There are no language restrictions, our system works universally across all languages in the world.


  • Delivered from the Cloud
  • Interact via Web console or restful API
  • Universal language support
  • Timestamps for word or per line

Case Studies

Our technology can be used in a wide range of solutions that can benefit from Speech technology. The use cases cover many scenarios from language usage assessment to call analytics.

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