Screen Systems specialises in developing products for the preparation and delivery of subtitling and value-adding information services across multiple platforms and devices and has major customers in the worldwide broadcast market. Powered by Speechmatics, Screen Systems has taken a dramatic step forward in independent automatic speech recognition of live speakers with their new automatic live subtitling technology.

Taking on the challenge of live captioning, the system takes high quality audio typical of live broadcast television programmes, and uses Speechmatics’ technology to rapidly return highly accurate, real-time text transcripts. The transcripts are so accurate that they can immediately be converted into captions and transmitted with the TV service with no editing required. The partnership between Screen Systems and Speechmatics also enables the automated production of accurate transcripts for live TV programmes, enhancing search and archive possibilities for live TV content.



As a leading provider of plugin solutions for the Adobe video tools since 2001, Digital Anarchy recognizes the pressing need for a fast and accurate transcription tool for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, used by broadcasters, video editors, and content creators around the world. This is where Speechmatics comes into the picture, with the new Transcriptive plugin created by Digital Anarchy.

Modern video production requires efficient tools and streamlined workflows, so it is important that a automatic speech recognition technology is easy to integrate and provides high-quality speech-to-text transcription. The Adobe Premiere Pro architecture is designed to support integrations and add-on technologies which makes it an ideal platform for tools like Transriptive, which allows users to create open captions and subtitles more quickly, as well as searching video contents for specific words or phrases.



Speechmatics partnered with Verb8tm because it values the importance of accuracy and formatting in transmitting information to specific audiences which generated a need for highly-accurate, easy to integrate ASR. Verb8tm offer in-house captioning and transcription services tailored to meet clients specific formatting needs, providing fast, simple and cost-effective solutions using the Speechmatics technology.

Verb8tm use the Speechmatics ASR technology to offer a fast service to their end customers. With high accuracy rates and speed of service from Speechmatics, the editing service is more efficient than ever.