We are working with Deloitte on an initiative that includes some of the most advanced behavioural and emotional analytics and workflow in the world. Open API architecture allows clients and partners to exploit industry standard Natural Language Processing and AI technologies to configure advanced big data analytics workflow solutions.

Deloitte believes technology is the way forward in compliance. They have developed an Artificial Intelligence voice analytics machine learning platform, BEAT (Behaviour and Emotion Analytics Tool) as a smart solution to deal with the growing regulatory pressures facing their clients. BEAT combines Speechmatics’ highly accurate transcriptions of conversations with the output from their own emotion analytics engine, which provides the basis for determining the outcome of customer interactions through sentiment and behavioural analysis, topic modelling and natural language processing – just a few of the things that make BEAT a unique product in the market.



We partner with Red Box Recorders, leaders in compliance recording technology for over 28 years, to provide audio call recording. They have seen regulation change dramatically during that time. Red Box Recorders work with organisations across the financial, contact centre, government and public sectors and have had to adapt to increasingly complex compliance requirements. They partnered with us to offer an innovative transcription service which allows companies to dig deeper with their analysis. By using accurate transcriptions of audio conversations, the data becomes easily searchable for auditing and compliance purposes and to yield valuable business insight.