With the speech revolution here, there are new use cases in new markets being unlocked everyday.
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We see the current and new regulations in compliance as an opportunity to support firms – not only to comply with the law but to future-proof their business and protect their customers. As specialists in multiple language ASR, we enable businesses to convert what was recorded on a call into an accurate transcription, even in a noisy environment and across all file formats, using agile, simple to deploy, on-premises technology that sits alongside our cloud-based service.

Our customers use our technology for automating note taking, real-time monitoring, and screening and classification of calls for conduct and ethics. With in-line indexing of the call content, discovery and investigation is simple, as is retrieving historic audio archives. If a call contains personally identifiable information (PII) like credit card details or bank account and address information, these can be live screened and tagged, or retrospectively analysed to support records preservation and security classification.

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Compliance & E-Discovery



Traditionally, automated contact centre solutions were often unable to accurately understand the tone and moods of customers. This significantly impairs the customer experience. Having customer service agents instead of automated systems, offers a more personalised approach but they are frequently criticised for lacking the skill sets and authority required to solve most customer problems.

Both small and large companies are now looking to improve the service they provide, while enhancing the customer experience by analysing interactions. This is achieved by searching for keywords to identify what makes a good call from the customer’s perspective. Organisations are also facing increased compliance regulation and must ensure the data security of all recordings.

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Contact Centres



Increasing demand for video, broadcast and films means an increased need for addressing accessibility issues. In the past, this has been done by adding subtitling and metadata via manual transcription. This considerably impacts the cost and efficiency of making video content accessible.

As well as the obvious value of making content available to more people, in July 2017 the US introduced a law via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that all live or near-live video content requires subtitles within 12 hours, on top of the existing Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), which requires subtitles for archived video content within 15 days.

There has also been an increased demand in recent years for instant captioning for live events such as news and sports. The challenge of live captioning is very different from pre-prepared captioning for video content, as the turnaround time and accuracy levels are vital to its success.

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Media Broadcast