Technical specifications across our product offering

Batch ASR

Transcription of pre-recorded audio and video available in flexible deployment options.

Product Sheet

Real-time ASR

Transcription provided in parallel to input audio being streamed through the Speechmatics engine.

Product Sheet

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Whitepapers and eBooks

The Speechmatics approach to Global English.

Read about how we develop a single English language model, Global English, to support all English accents for use in speech-to-text.

AL – The Automatic Linguist.

Find out more about our machine learning framework for building languages models with success.

How to make the most of data surplus.

Have you been wondering about what to do with all your data? In this short ebook, we explain how to make the most of a data surplus.

How to deploy machine learning in production.

In this eBook you will find out how you can help your business deliver machine learning into production so that you and your customers can use it.

How to make the most of machine learning.

Want to learn about the key differences between machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics? Download our eBook to learn how to make the most of machine learning?


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