What’s inside?

Download this Gartner Report to understand the top strategic technology trends for 2021. The report identifies how “the unprecedented socioeconomic challenges of 2020 demand the organizational plasticity to compose the future. IT leaders must focus on people centricity for stakeholders both internal and external by providing location-independent services, while operating in a resilient delivery model.” Gartner recommends that: “IT leaders responsible for technology innovation must:

  • Ensure stable and consistent IoB deployments by establishing a framework for privacy, security, ethics and interconnectivity. Engage people by designing a total customer and employee experience. Identify use cases for privacy-enhancing computation in untrusted environments that require, for example, sharing of personal data across the business ecosystem.

  • Remove barriers to using the distributed cloud by changing practices to allow service providers to control assets and services on-premises and at the edge. Drive business model innovation using a digital-first, location-independent strategy. Promote the use of the cybersecurity mesh by moving the perimeter to the asset.

  • Deliver resilient operations by emphasizing modularity. Establish repeatable AI engineering practices to realize the business value of AI. Automate everything that can be automated.”



*Gartner, Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021, By Analysts Brian Burke, Frances Karamouzis, Gilbert van der Heiden, Arun Chandrasekaran, David Cearley, Bart Willemsen, Brent Stewart, Ramon Krikken, Jay Heiser, Erick Brethenoux, Jason Wong, Michael Chiu, Michelle Duerst, Don Scheibenreif, Manjunath Bhat, Tony Harvey, Nicole Sturgill, Laurie Shotton, Stephanie Stoudt-Hansen, Gene Alvarez, Dennis Gaughan, Andrew White, David Smith, Ed Anderson, David Wright, Yefim Natis, 19 October 2020

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According to Gartner*:

By year-end 2025,

over half of the world’s population will be subject to at least one Intent of Behaviors (IoB) program (private, commercial or governmental).

By 2024,

organizations providing a total experience will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both customer and employee experience.

By 2025,

50% of large organizations will adopt privacy-enhancing computation for processing data in untrusted environments and multiparty data analytics use cases.