Add context specific words to the dictionary simply via text

Custom Dictionary enables you to define the context of a conversation in advance and input those difficult terms into the dictionary, so that when they do come up, they are transcribed without error.

  • Names
  • Accents
  • Abbreviations
  • Acronyms
  • Trademarks / copyrights
  • Specialist or industry-specific language
  • Alternate word forms

Traditionally, transcription providers would have to train each specific model for a customer to include special words. However, setting up a new model has typically been very time-consuming, usually requiring an overnight rebuild. Custom Dictionary streamlines the entire process by putting you in control and allowing you to add new words in plain text to “teach” the model, regardless of use case or language context.

Sounds Feature

As if Custom Dictionary wasn’t enough, you can further improve ASR accuracy using Sounds Feature, an extension of Custom Dictionary which allows you to differentiate between how a word sounds and how it is written.

Sounds delivers highly accurate transcripts, allowing the speech engine to understand the difference between word pronunciations and the way they are written.

Sounds allows users to add context-specific words in real-time, such as names or breaking news locations, instantly delivering consistency and reliability of specific words and ultimately increasing the accuracy.


“Accuracy is still the key metric for speech recognition systems and remains top of mind throughout the development of our solutions at Speechmatics. At Speechmatics, we pride ourselves on unparalleled accuracy rates, and Sounds enables us to continue to improve on our speech-to-text accuracy by building technology that understands pronunciations that are personalised to the user and use case when needed.”

Ian Firth, VP Products at Speechmatics


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