Verb8tm is a full-service transcription/captioning company. They offer an automated speech recognition editing platform (Carbon), as well as basic 99% accurate transcripts or premium 100% accurate transcripts, fully researched and perfected by teams of certified staff members. Verb8tm’s integrated software allows users to choose between automated text and human editing with a click of a button. Verb8tm provides technology and services that exceed industry standards, producing quality results at competitive prices.

Since 2007, Verb8tm has been bringing transcription and captioning to radio, television, universities and continuing education organizations. Verb8tm was born from the Maryland University System, and has heavy roots in research and product design. Verb8tm is best known for creating partnerships serving multifaceted organizations that have various transcription and captioning needs. Their focus is on customization, workflow solutions, and best-in-class transcripts and captions.

Verb8tm use Speechmatics’ ASR in Carbon and for the Services Division. Instead of typing or voice writing, Verb8tm start with the raw output and edit.

If you’d like to use Speechmatics’ technology through Verb8tm, you can sign-up for their service immediately. Follow the link below to register now.

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