Mimir is a cloud-based media management tool for journalists and editors that uses AI for automating speech-to-text transcriptions and translations, for detecting objects, faces and labels in videos, and more.

With Mimir, users can move their video and images to the cloud and at the same time automate time-consuming tasks such as the metadata logging, speech-to-text transcriptions, multi language translations, event tagging, facial recognition, and more. Auto generated transcripts can be edited and Mimir also has a built-in closed captioning tool. Advanced search makes it easy for anyone to find relevant media content.

Mimir is used by Al Arabiya News Channel, Danish Radio, IMG, TV 2/FYN, Sky News Australia, ausbiz, and GBNews, amongst others.

With Mimir Mjoll put AI in the hands of their end-users, such as journalists and editors.

Mimir is an easy-to-use tool that automates metadata logging using integrated AI services and at the same time archives customers media to the cloud. It harnesses the power of market leading cognitive services from Speechmatics, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and others to automatically make customers archives searchable and therefore more valuable.

Mimir includes intuitive and powerful search tools, along with a range of other smart features, to create the most comprehensive cloud-based video production tool on the market.

If you’d like to use Speechmatics’ technology through Mjoll, you can sign-up to their service immediately. Follow the link below to register now.

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