Liquid Voice help organizations capture, analyze, and replay every interaction they have with their customers and to create a single pane of glass onto current and historic recordings whether they be voice, video or text-based. They do this by enabling clients to record every conversation across all their communication platforms. Liquid Voice can then accurately – and in real-time – transcribe voice and video into text and push this along with the recording to those who need it on any device.

Liquid Voice solutions are helping those focused on public safety to respond to incidents more effectively by capturing, analyzing, and sharing the complete picture of events. They are helping financial and capital market firms to reduce risk by managing compliance of trades in real-time, and are helping contact centers to better understand their customers’ behaviors and preferences to deliver an exceptional experience.

If you’d like to use Speechmatics’ technology through Liquid Voice, you can sign-up to their service immediately. Follow the link below to register now.

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The integration with Speechmatics

Liquid Voice’s expertize in system integration enables us to interpret any media type quickly and easily. Once in our system and transcribed by Speechmatics, we have developed our own Interaction Analytics, Data Optimization and Intelligent Query Language to drill down into each conversation to understand the content, context and sentiment, delivering valuable insights and highlighting trends that would normally be missed. The Liquid Voice reporting engine is now supported by interactive dashboard reporting, a PowerBI Plug-in and the ability to export to other 3rd Party platforms such as Tableau or internally developed business intelligence systems enabling you to report in whatever way suits your business best.

We want a best of breed engine to transcribe calls in any language with the highest degree of accuracy possible. Speechmatics currently provides this for us. This is an essential baseline to the Interaction Analytics we perform and we rely upon this being continually improved.

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