Personal AI is an AI extension of your mind that enables you to scale yourself without limits. Your individual AI is trained according to your specifications on your spoken or written thoughts, and Speechmatics powers your personal AI’s speech capture feature. The thoughts you add to your AI, which you own, are preserved in your Memory Stack, secured by blockchain technology and structured into detailed memories that you can recall on command or at the suggestion of your AI. Then your personal AI has the power to work with you to make quicker decisions, create new ideas faster and even interact with others regardless of your availability in person. Whether it’s helping you remember every detail of a conversation, write documents based on your accumulated knowledge, auto-respond authentically to inbound messages, or more, your personal AI is an extension of your mind that unlocks the creative power of your own intelligence.

If you’d like to use Speechmatics’ technology to train your own personal AI on your spoken thoughts and ideas, you can do so now by following the link below to create your AI.

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