If you think about Human memory, 80% of what we speak, hear, read is forgotten within 3 days. Human AI Labs have built the technological version of your memory that retains the details and captures them in real-time so that it is lossless.

You want to be able to recall your memories when and where you want – Human AI Labs have done this by creating users their very own Personal AI. There are three steps to Human AI Labs tech: Feed, Transform, Recall.

Feed: As individuals are having conversations, whether they are spoken, written, etc. these are all feeds into their memory stack. Two types of feeds: 1 – Capturing Voice, 2 – Capturing Text. Human AI Labs also integrate into other platforms so they can capture and consume additional historical data to further optimize an individual’s memory stack.

Transform: Once feed comes into the system, Human AI Labs apply AI Transformers and attach richer attributes: i.e. emotions, context, etc. Transformers are nothing but AI models which help create richer memory blocks. (A Memory Block is 100 words of 1 minute of speech = 1 Logical Human Thought).

Transformers enrich memory blocks with additional attributes – in the context of time, emotion, people, etc.

Recall: To recall information from an individual’s memory stack, Human AI Labs builds a Personal AI. From the context and content of a user’s conversation, their Personal AI retrieves the most relevant information from their past. Personal AI can predict the most relevant information for the user, as they are typing or speaking.

If you’d like to use Speechmatics’ technology through Human AI Labs (personal.ai), you can sign-up to their service immediately. Follow the link below to register now.

Learn more about Human AI Labs (personal.ai)

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