Cognitive View is a transformative RegTech and InsurTech company that automates compliance, customer experience, conduct risk, and fraud. It analyzes customer communication channels to identify conduct-related issues, customer experience, and complaints, ensure the staff meets its policies and identifies risks early. Cognitive View has been selected as the RegTech100 for 2021.

Bad customer experience, mis-selling and non-conformance to regulatory guidelines are big challenges for many organizations as they lose customers, get fined by regulators and incur reputational risk. Cognitive View RegTech can analyze and generate actionable insights from customer communication channels including contact center. It supports both cloud SaaS and on premise-based hosting. The solution is quite comprehensive to address internal risk/compliance and regulatory reporting needs.

If you’d like to use Speechmatics’ technology through Cognitive View, you can sign-up to their service immediately. Follow the link below to register now.

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Veritone is a leading provider of AI solutions. Through its platform aiWARE, Veritone provides cognitive applications across many industries.

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