News 5th May 2020
lots of hexagons symbolising product update incorporating United States instance for cloud offering

The Speechmatics cloud offering for cloud-based transcription hosted in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has been extended with instances in Europe and now the United States.

The US instance delivers low latency, scalable and elastic support of dynamic volume loads as well as an additional level of geographic redundancy. The cloud offering provides full Speechmatics feature parity across both geographies and ensures customers stay in control of their data and where their transcription jobs are routed to be processed.

Multi-region support enables customers to conform to data sovereignty restrictions where company or end-user data cannot leave the country of origin.


Format your transcription output

The US instance provides an identical service to the one available in Europe, providing both a JSON and plain TXT transcription output. Additionally, the cloud offering uses Speechmatics’ unique Global English language pack which supports all major English accents for use in speech-to-text transcription. Trained on thousands of hours of spoken data from over 40 countries and tens of billions of words drawn from global sources, customers no longer have to worry about their accent being understood.

The Output Locale feature of Speechmatics’ Global English language pack enables the transcription output to be formatted in American English, British English and other variants, allowing the transcript to meet customer expectations.


Data control and sovereignty

With an instance of the cloud-hosted in the US as well as Europe, customers can choose where their data should remain. It will also accelerate the upload of media assets to the Speechmatics cloud offering for customers in close proximity to the US. Additionally, multi-region instances of the cloud offering will deliver enhanced data sovereignty for customers both in EU and US regions. This is because customer data will not be shared across regions and avoids breaking any data sovereignty regulations or laws so customers can remain compliant.

Additionally, the Speechmatics multi-regional cloud offering allows global companies that have business in Europe and the United States to support speech recognition for their partners and customers within these regions while passing the same data control capabilities.

To further ensure the privacy of data for our customers, all jobs put through either the EU or US cloud offering, including all files and associated transcripts, are deleted 7 days after completion. However, customers can manually delete a job before this time if desired. *

For customers wanting even more control over their data and for offline use cases, Speechmatics offers virtual appliances and containers which can be deployed within an organization’s own data center. Since data control is a critical issue for many organizations, this is a popular option. However, as cloud compute becomes more commonplace, organizations are looking to solutions in the cloud that they can quickly plug into their existing service/solution without the need to deploy their own resources.

The multi-regional cloud offering from Speechmatics means that organizations can leverage all the benefits of the world-class transcription service fully. Companies can take advantage of reductions in the complexity of operating and maintaining a speech recognition solution within their own environment.


About the Speechmatics cloud offering

Extending the cloud offering into the US region means that customers don’t have to worry about operational considerations such as capacity planning and maintaining service availability. They have additional control of their data to better adhere to data sovereignty within Europe and the United States.

Using Speechmatics’ cloud offering removes the complexity and cost of deploying hardware in customers’ own or third-party infrastructures by providing all of the maintenance, support and troubleshooting. The availability of Speechmatics’ cloud offering and internal support accelerate customers’ time to market and removes the time spent managing their own deployment. Updates such as language improvements are much faster to deliver, so customers can use the most up-to-date product. Our dedicated Support team is always available to ensure our customers are successful in whichever deployment option they chose.

Speechmatics’ cutting-edge deep neural network architecture means our transcripts have world-leading accuracy across all platforms. As well as unrivalled accuracy, Speechmatics’ cloud offering has complete feature parity with our Batch Virtual Appliance and Batch Containers.

AKS allows the same core speech transcription component to be used in the cloud service as in our container and virtual appliance deployment models to ensure feature parity. Speechmatics’ EU and US cloud offering give customers access to the entire feature set including Advanced Punctuation, Custom Dictionary, Diarization etc. Customers also get immediate access to new features that are developed, which will be available in the cloud ahead of virtual appliances or containers. Cloud customers will also have instant access to the new language and release updates first.


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*Where permitted by the customer contract, media files and transcription results may be retained by Speechmatics for service improvements.

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