News 9th Mar 2018

Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (or MWC for short) is the largest mobile event of the year, with more than 2,400 companies showcasing pioneering products and services across a massive 120,000 net square metres of exhibition space. In the past, MWC has facilitated the launch of the latest smartphones, tablets and wearables as well as revealing the hottest new trends in mobile technology, and this year was no exception.

MWC 2018 saw a number of firsts, from flurries of snow on the streets of Barcelona to talks of 5G, speech recognition technology (that actually works) and a multitude of other associated technologies and topics including:

• The eagerly anticipated return of Nokia’s infamous banana phone,
• The Internet of Things,
• Artificial intelligence,
• Drones,
• Policy and regulation.

Speechmatics at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

Speechmatics showcased immersive demonstrations of the most cutting-edge speech recognition technology in the world today. The stand-out demonstrations were those that exhibited live speech-to-text systems, with a number of people and companies truly astonished as to just how accurate our technology really is.

Ricardo Herreros-Symons, Sales Director at Speechmatics said,

“It was great to be demonstrating our revolutionary speech recognition systems at MWC, one of the largest technology conferences in the world today. We met so many progressive companies interested in speech recognition and it was encouraging to see so many of them wanting to integrate our systems into their tech.”

Want to hear what other exciting things happened at MWC 2018? Have a look at what the team at Speechmatics had to say.

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Ben Leaman, Speechmatics