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The Times article

A great article written by Oliver Pickup on how brands must adopt voice technology to avoid becoming lost in a brandless future of generic product types. Benedikt, our CEO, gave his opinion from a speech technology company point of view. Read now ...Read more


Speechmatics launches Automatic Linguist, a unique AI framework capable of learning new languages in a matter of days

New software will expand the capability to learn previously overlooked languages at a significantly reduced cost Today, Speechmatics is announcing the launch of Automatic Linguist (AL), an Artificial Intelligence powered framework that drastically improves the speed at which new languages are built for use in speech-to-text transcription. AL has the potential to learn any language ...Read more


Red Box Recorders is partnering with Speechmatics to revolutionise spoken voice analysis for compliance and training

In the continually changing compliance and regulatory space, comprehensive and reliable capture, storage and analysis of critical communications data is crucial for meeting strict standards worldwide. Automatic Speech Recognition and recording, along with simple phonetic search capability is a well-established solution in this context, but businesses are increasingly understanding the value of collecting more comprehensive ...Read more


Speech technology wins first place at Cambridge Independent’s Entrepreneurial Science Technology Awards

Speechmatics has won the race to best AI scale-up in Cambridge at the Cambridge Independent Entrepreneurial Science Technology Awards 2017. The award recognises the rapid growth of the company over the last 6 months and the quality of the technology itself. Speechmatics has doubled in size in the last yearwith the ambition of growing at ...Read more


Sentient Machines is improving customer care operations for businesses by using Speechmatics technology

Contact centres handling high volumes of calls inevitably produce huge quantities of data, and businesses are increasingly focusing on new ways to capture and utilise this untapped wealth of information. While the aim is usually to maximise efficiency and reduce costs, businesses can simultaneously improve the customer experience, which leads to increased sales and revenue. ...Read more