Quick and accurate subtitling of your media assets, improving accessibility and enhancing the credibility of your content.

Subtitling all of your content is a huge challenge and one that requires highly specialist skills. Automatic speech recognition takes all of the hard work away and allows the power of technology to take over.

Speechmatics’ subtitling solutions can be used in real-time or on pre-recorded video files, helping to improve the accessibility of your content, as well as enhancing search and archive possibilities for live TV content.

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Screen Systems

Screen Systems achieves a long-held ambition of live automatic captioning through Speechmatics’ technology. There has been an increased demand in recent years for instant captioning for live events such as news and sports. The challenge of live captioning is very different from pre-prepared captioning for video content, as the turnaround time and accuracy levels are vital to its success.


Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media, Access Services, specialises in delivering accessible content to make sure that people with hearing or sight impairments are able to get the most out of television content. Providing Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing (Closed Captions), Sign Language Translation and Audio Description fulfils the regulatory requirements of broadcasters and content owners around the world.

More ways the media broadcast industry are using Speechmatics


Improved efficiency for faster editing.

  • Slots into your workflow
  • More efficient
  • Reliable

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Media Asset Management

Generating value from your archived content

  • Provide accurate metadata
  • Enables topic extraction
  • Indexing for discoverability

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Media Monitoring

Listen to the media in real-time to monitor mentions and keywords.

  • Protect your brand
  • Know what is said about your company
  • Timely responses

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