Listen to the media in real-time to monitor mentions of keywords and names

More and more content is made available each day across an increasing number of channels. This gives you less control over what is being said about your company which could leave you vulnerable. By integrating Speeechmatics’ speech recognition capabilities into your workflow you can listen to the media in real-time and monitor relevant pre-defined keywords.

You can even go one step further by using Speechmatics’ Custom Dictionary and Sounds Feature, to input unique industry language, unusual names, and relevant keywords into the system ahead of time, increasing the effectiveness of our speech system and your media monitoring.

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It’s easy to integrate

Some of the creative ways our tech is being used in media monitoring.


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Broadcast Bionics

Broadcast Bionics is a leading provider in software development and hardware distribution for global radio broadcasting businesses, delivering exceptional industry standard for audience engagement and communication solutions. Through Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition technology, Broadcast Bionics can deliver solutions that make multimedia content searchable and discoverable.

More ways the media broadcast industry are using Speechmatics


Creating accurate subtitles for your media content to improve accessibility

  • Easy to integrate
  • Improve accessibility
  • Increase engagement

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Improved efficiency for faster editing

  • Slots into your workflow
  • More efficient
  • Reliable

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Media Asset Management

Generating value from your archived content.

  • Accurate metadata
  • Topic extraction
  • Indexing for discoverability

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