Customer experience is a priority for contact centres

As consumer demand has increased, the customer experience has become a priority for contact centres. However, improving customer experience is challenging to do efficiently. With improved customer experience comes agent empowerment. The need for analytics is essential. Contact centres are using Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition technology to enable them to perform analytics on voice data. Transforming call recordings into a rich text format makes it easy to search for desired outcomes, to derive sentiment from the customer voice, and to make voice data immediately accessible. Transcripts from calls not only enables analytics but makes it possible at scale.

82% of contact centres have either adopted or are considering a voice strategy in the next five years

Transforming call recordings into a rich text format makes it easy to search for desired outcomes

Speech-to-text makes previously untouched data accessible

With millions of hours of voice data captured in call recordings, speech-to-text makes this previously untouched data accessible at once and available at a fraction of the storage capacity. It gives contact centres the ability to access millions of hours of both recent and legacy calls, which can be used for analysis to provide training opportunities for dispute resolution, to reduce the customer call time and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Improve customer experiences with better analytics

Whether it’s to route the call to a specially trained agent to personalise the interaction with the caller, or to determine the sentiment of a call to empower agent responses, the need for an accurate transcription to underpin the understanding of a call is key. Speech-to text technology provides the opportunity for analytics to improve the customer experience.

91% of contact centers said that capturing voice data would be valuable to their organization

More ways contact centres are using Speechmatics


Locate and store recordings in text format.

  • Ensure data security
  • Rank recordings by relevance
  • Use guidance and alerting to prevent non-compliant behaviour

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Agent training

Unlock voice data from calls

  • Identify dispute resolution best practices
  • Evaluate agent’s performance
  • Identify opportunities for agent training

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Sentiment analysis

Extract emotion from voice data.

  • Determine to mood of customers
  • Ascertain which responses evoke positive emotions
  • Identify training opportunities

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