How the voice search revolution will change the way you do business

Read our feature in ‘Virgin in Focus’ detailing how the voice search revolution will change the way you do business. CEO of Speechmatics, Benedikt von Thuengen explains how voice search has introduced a third element into the relationship between business and consumer. Virgin in Focus


Meet the CEO of Speechmatics

Read the article in Just Entrepreneurs examining our CEO, Benedikt von Thüngen’s experience as an entrepreneur. It includes success criteria, top tips and key market insights. Meet the Entrepreneurs


Speechmatics helps broadcasters get names right

Read the article from Broadcast Bridge about how Speechmatics’ new automatic speech recognition feature, Custom Dictionary helps live broadcasters get names right. Broadcast Bridge


Innovative technology will help the finance sector with compliance

Read the article from our CEO, Benedikt von Thüngen’s about his thoughts on how Speechmatics’ innovative technology will help the finance sector with compliance. Global Banking & Finance


Top tips for succeeding in a hyped-up market

Read the article on what top tips our CEO, Benedikt von Thüngen has for succeeding in an over-hyped market in CEO Monthly. CEO Review


Speechmatics’ Custom Dictionary helps live broadcasters never get names wrong in subtitles again

The easy-to-use interface allows customers to quickly add context specific words to Speechmatics’ dictionary simply via text Today, Speechmatics is announcing the launch of Custom Dictionary, a new feature for the company’s current speech-to-text transcription offering. Live broadcast subtitling has a recognised problem when it comes to names and place names. Custom Dictionary (CD) lets […]


Speechmatics launches Global English, an accent-agnostic language pack for speech-to-text transcription

It supports every major English accent providing a consistent and cost-effective solution Today, Speechmatics is announcing the launch of Global English, a single English language pack supporting all major English accents for use in speech-to-text transcription. Global English (GE) was trained on thousands of hours of spoken data from over 40 countries and tens of […]


Guest blog with techUK for CES 2018

Read what we’re showcasing at CES 2018 and what you can expect to see now and in the future for speech-enabled products. techUK


Speechmatics builds 46 languages in just 6 weeks, bringing the total to an industry-leading 72 unique languages

Speechmatics put Automatic Linguist, their AI framework, to the test during Phase 1 of Project Omniglot to learn as many languages as possible. Speechmatics, a leading provider of automatic speech recognition technology, has completed Project Omniglot, the team’s innovation challenge. It stress-tests the recently launched unique AI framework, the Automatic Linguist (AL), and paves the […]


The Times article

A great article written by Oliver Pickup on how brands must adopt voice technology to avoid becoming lost in a brandless future of generic product types. Benedikt, our CEO, gave his opinion from a speech technology company point of view. Raconteur