Speechmatics Extends Transcription Offering With Sounds Feature

Feature launched to differentiate between how a word sounds and how it is written Speechmatics has launched the Sounds feature, a new addition to the company’s current speech-to-text offering. Sounds supports broadcasters by delivering highly accurate transcripts, it allows the speech engine to understand the difference between word pronunciations and the way they are written. […]


Red Bee Media, part of Ericsson, partners with Speechmatics to make broadcasting more accessible

Red Bee Media’s new live automatic subtitling solution will help make unregulated content such as social media accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing Red Bee Media, part of Ericsson, is announcing the launch of its live automatic subtitling solution aimed at making more unregulated content accessible to a wider audience. Partnering with Speechmatics, Red Bee […]

IBC 2018: Tedial to showcase new AI sports production tools harnessing speech-to-text

Read the article written by Sports Video Group (SVG) Europe detailing Tedial’s cutting-edge live sport solution, SMARTLIVE, which integrates Speechmatics’ speech-to-text capability to bring the sports back office and archives closer to live than ever before. SVG Europe


Transcriptive by Digital Anarchy leverages Speechmatics speech recognition technology for efficient and collaborative video workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Increasing demand for video, broadcast and films means an increased need for streamlined and cost-effective video production workflows and addressing accessibility issues. In the past, this has been done by adding subtitling and metadata via manual transcription. This considerably impacts the cost and efficiency of making video content accessible. As well as the obvious value […]


Hear me now: the future of voice and how it’s the new OS

Read the article written by TechRadar where Benedikt Von Thuengen, CEO, describes how Speechmatics is working to solve the accent and dialect issues when it comes to voice recognition technology. TechRadar


These companies are shrinking the voice recognition ‘accent gap’

Read the article written by VentureBeat where Ian Firth, VP Products and Benedikt Von Thuengen, CEO, give their opinion on the accent gap when it comes to voice recognition technology. VentureBeat


Can Artificial Intelligence understand humour?

Read the article written by ‘The Network’ where Will Williams, Machine Learning Engineer at Speechmatics, gives his views on whether Artificial Intelligence can understand humour. The Network


How to use assistive AI to improve call centre experience

Read the article featured in Contact Centres whereby Speechmatics’ VP Products, Ian Firth, discusses how to use assistive AI to improve the call centre experience. Ian explains that assistive AI improves operational efficiency and by accepting the technology available now, operatives can have a more rewarding job by achieving more in less time, delivering better […]


The future of speech technology and its use in retail and health

We’ve been featured in the Age of Robots magazine, where our CEO, Benedikt von Thuengen, discusses the future of speech technology and its immediate application in the retail and health industries. Read the article by following the link below. Age of Robots


Using innovative technology to meet regulation

Read our CEO, Benedikt von Thuengen’s feature in ‘IT Pro Portal’ explaining how technology is used to ensure your firm is compliant with all regulations. IT Pro Portal