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Read about how some of our partners and customers are using Speechmatics to deliver value for their customers.

3Play Media has partnered with Speechmatics to improve its captioning service through accurate transcription as part of its ongoing solutions service

Providing efficient, accurate closed captioning can be a huge challenge when it comes to making video content accessible. Utilizing speech to text technology in real-time or for pre-recorded video files can streamline captioning services. Speechmatics’ automatic speech recognition (ASR) is the first step to providing accurate, seamless captioning to the masses and ensuring audiences benefit from premium video captioning whether its broadcast or online.

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With Speechmatics, aiconix enables its customers to enrich AV content with transcripts and subtitles to make it detectable, searchable and usable

The aiconix AI-driven platform features capabilities such as face recognition and media matching in addition to live-streaming transcription and speech-to-text powered by Speechmatics. These capabilities generate new value to classical content management systems, digital asset management offerings, and other systems or individuals tasked with managing media assets.

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Prosodica – a subsidiary of Vail Systems – has partnered with Speechmatics to unlock valuable voice data and deliver improved caller experiences

Prosodica is a provider of innovative voice and audio analysis technology that aims to deliver better caller experiences to enhance customer care and improve customer experiences. Utilizing Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine, Prosodica can generate next-level insights from recorded calls. Unlocking the voice data from calls using automatic speech-to-text enables businesses to analyze the data to drive insight and meaning at scale.

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TranscribeMe has partnered with Speechmatics to deliver the highest quality human-verified transcription service on the market

Providing near-perfect transcription in a short period of time is a challenging task, often requiring specialist teams. By utilizing automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, the transcription process is accelerated significantly. Now, companies can provide near-perfect accuracy levels utilizing a hybrid workflow involving few specialists and Speechmatics’ best-in-class ASR technology.

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Speechmatics partners with Full Fact to help deliver independent factchecking tools to the UK and beyond

Political debate, bad journalism and fake news are ever increasing issues in the UK and beyond. These issues are also more apparent and noticeable to the public. So, it is more important than ever to have fast, reliable factchecking.

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Red Bee Media partners with Speechmatics to make broadcasting more accessible

With over 900 million, or one in ten, people estimated to suffer from disabling hearing loss by 2050, it is more important than ever for all producers of video content to make sure accessibility remains top of mind.

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Transcriptive by Digital Anarchy leverages Speechmatics speech recognition technology for efficient and collaborative video workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro

Increasing demand for video, broadcast and films means an increased need for streamlined and cost-effective video production workflows that address accessibility issues. In the past, this has been done by adding subtitling and metadata via manual transcription. This considerably impacts the cost and efficiency of making video content accessible.

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Red Box is partnering with Speechmatics to revolutionise spoken voice analysis for compliance and training

In the continually changing compliance and regulatory space, comprehensive and reliable capture, storage and analysis of critical communications data is crucial for meeting strict standards worldwide.

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Screen Systems achieves a long-held ambition of live automatic captioning through Speechmatics technology

There has been an increased demand in recent years for instant captioning for live events such as news and sports. The challenge of live captioning is very different from pre-prepared captioning for video content, as the turnaround time and accuracy levels are vital to its success.

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Broadcast Bionics is building the future of radio – integrating transcription technology from Speechmatics

In the 20th Century, radio was a significant means of communication because of its ability to reach large numbers of people quickly and easily. It was the most common way for political and national leaders to address nations and countries across the world. However, radio had its drawbacks.

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Liquid Voice is first to market with industry-leading contact centre quality monitoring service using Speechmatics technology

For any company dealing with high volumes of customer interactions, cost has always been a crucial decision-making factor. Traditional automated systems have always been cheaper in the long run than manually operated systems, but they have often been extremely limited, as they are unable to accurately understand the tone and moods of customers.

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Public Interest Podcast is using Speechmatics’ cloud transcription service to transform an extensive audio blog archive into a book

Podcasts are big business in the USA, with 1 in 3 Americans tuning in — that’s over 21 million hours of audio every day. They have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and for producers, they are an affordable medium and a convenient way for stories to find an audience.

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Instructure is providing the best automatic captioning for education using Speechmatics technology

During the last few years, when it has become increasingly crucial to focus on self-development and to strive to achieve more than ever before, the e-learning market has grown at an unprecedented rate. With LinkedIn making an e-learning company their biggest acquisition to date, and recognising that the majority of professionals go to LinkedIn to learn and enhance their careers by consuming content related to their industries, the market has rapidly grown in value.

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Sentient Machines is improving customer care operations for businesses by using Speechmatics technology

Contact centres handling high volumes of calls inevitably produce huge quantities of data, and businesses are increasingly focusing on new ways to capture and utilise this untapped wealth of information. While the aim is usually to maximise efficiency and reduce costs, businesses can simultaneously improve customer experience.

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Ai-Media is delivering top-quality video captions using Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine

Ai-Media has integrated Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine into their workflow to consistently deliver accurate video captioning in a range of languages. The service offers top-quality captions that are easy to read and convey depth-of-meaning, so all audiences receive the best experience.

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