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To receive your API token, simply complete the following form and verify your email afterwards. While you’re waiting for your API token to arrive, familiarise yourself with our fair use policy below.

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What you will need to get started:
  • Working knowledge of APIs

  • A video or audio file to transcribe

  • A command-line utility (such as Curl) to make API calls

  • An API key (delivered after completion of form and verification of email)

Fair use policy

To ensure all free trial users have equal access to the most accurate and powerful speech recognition engine ever released, we’ve put in place a fair usage policy so that users can enjoy up to 10 hours of transcription every single month. If in future you need more than 10 hours, speak to our sales team for help.

“The voice and speech analytics capabilities in the Prosodica platform are enabling our customers to transform their operations and customer experiences. Speech recognition technology is essential for the functionality of our applications, so we teamed up with Speechmatics to ensure we deliver the best speech technology on the market."

Mariano Tan

President & CEO, Prosodica


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